Nichola Pierpoint

BA Hons Fine Art Lincoln Uni

This blog is a collection of images produced during my Luminous Mark Elective, as well as inspirational artists.

Please note: I've edited the times and dates on the post to get them in the order i wanted; with the oldest posts at the top so it reads in order and as you scroll down, with the most recent at the bottom.


Luminous Mark Elective - Artist Research

James Turrell’s PoolPhotographed by Giffen Clark Ott

Here is part of one project by Turrell’s pieces, commintioned for Richard and Lisa Baker of Greenwich, Connecticut, who asked him to ”design a new barn on their estate. And in the basement are a pool, gym and bathroom that Turrell has transformed into his latest masterpiece work.  Martin Architectural outfitted the areas surrounding the pool, the bathroom sink area, and three upper cupulos with fiber optic cable to support Turrell’s installations, all of which provide incredible color range from flaming reds and pinks to cool shades of blue and purple.”  - source

This piece immediately grabbed me, not only because of the bright colours and the contrast between the vibrate lights and the dark in the shadows, but because of how the light hits and effects the water, especially when its moving/has ripples in it; my favourite examples of this is in the bottom to images.

What I like most about this is that it was actually made with the intention of being used rather then just looked at like most of his and many other artists work; something to experience by getting into and using and becoming a part of rather then just viewing it.

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